Motor Claims


Notify the police at the scene of the accident​


Get all the details of the third party if the accident involves the third party


If the vehicle is not drivable, contact an approved towing company to tow the vehicle


Within 24 hours, notify ensure via email: or telephone: 2505 4842/3416

Non-Motor Claims

Notify ensure via email: or telephone: 2505 4842/3416 as soon as reasonably possible

Should the loss be crime related matter, it must be reported to police immediately

Our team will guide you throughout the entire claims process.

Minimise the extent of any loss, all reasonable precautions must be taken to minimise the loss and, where applicable, retain any damaged or replaced property for inspection by the loss adjuster/assessor/insurer.

Never admit liability to third parties. Any correspondence received from third parties should be sent unanswered to En-sure Brokers.

If in doubt concerning any accident consult En-sure Brokers and request assistance.

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